We are


Planners, &


We are Craftsman
With over 50 years of experience in the woodworking business and custom design, TJ Woodwork can guarantee 100% the highest quality in craftsmanship.  At TJ Woodwork we believe that every project tells a story that begins with the realization of your idea and culminates with a unique identity.

We Value Design
Excellent design is the foundation of quality work and we excel at turning it into reality.  Whether it is a traditional look you are looking for, or a modern minimalist style, we are able to guide you throughout the process of turning a simple space into a balance atmosphere that will go in harmony with your overall style.

We Value Our Clients
Without you, TJ Woodwork wouldn’t exist.  This is why we are willing to go a step further to fulfill and excide your expectations.  We continually strive to provide a truly enjoyable experience with communication lying at the center of the entire process.

We Love What We Do
Passion is the engine that drives the will of every craftsman at TJ Woodwork.  We believe that wood is more than a raw material.

 Through wood we are able to adopt the identity of our clients, therefore giving every project a unique character.  We take great pride in what we do and build every piece as if it were our own.

 Putting our hearts in what we do is what sets us apart from others and guarantees complete satisfaction of our clients.TJ Woodwork has supported designers, architects, contractors and homeowners with their custom design needs for many years.  We know the value of quality living and design TJ Woodwork has built a strong reputation for superior skilled craftsmanship in the execution of architectural woodwork, kitchen cabinetry and custom design in general.